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Paradise does exist & it's in The Philippines!

Club Paradise Palawan

Having travelled to a lot of countries over the years, I am always excited to visit somewhere new.

The Philippines is often overlooked by its neighbours elsewhere in South East Asia but spend some time doing your research and you will find some hidden gems right across the country. One such gem is Club Paradise Palawan.

After arriving into Manila (which has got to be the most traffic congested city in the world) take a short 50 minute flight to Busuanga Airport followed by a road and boat ride and you arrive one of the most beautiful settings this planet has to offer.

Club Paradise Palawan occupies a small island with stunning beaches, lush vegetation, great views, peace, tranquillity and excellent service. From the moment you arrive, you feel the stresses of life simply lift away. Sunset villas are a must to truly experience the best that this resort has to offer. Activities include snorkelling, diving, stargazing, kayaking, island hopping plus much more.

For more information visit their website

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